This brew guide will help you get crisp, juicy brews with our coffees on V60. For this guide we will be using a Hario V60 size 02 with the original boxed filter papers from the Japanese factory. Check out our YouTube video that featues this brew guide here 

Brew Ratio - 14g of coffee to 220g of water

You Will Need

  • Hario V60 size 02

  • Hario V60 filter paper

  • Grinder

  • Scale

  • Gooseneck kettle

  • Timer

  • Brewing vessel (such as a mug)

  • 220g of filtered water (92 degrees)

  • 14g of whole bean coffee


  1. Weigh out 14g of whole beans and grind them on a coarse setting.

  2. Boil the kettle and place the filter paper on top of the V60. Place the V60 on top of your brewing vessel and rinse the filter paper with boiling water, discarding the water afterwards.

  3. Place the brewing vessel and V60 on top of the scale, add the ground coffee, tare the scale and start the timer as you pour the first 55g of water onto the grounds. You want to pour in an aggressive circular motion, getting all the water poured in 10 seconds.

  4. At 30 seconds pour another 55g of water with the same pouring style.

  5. At 1 minute pour another 55g of water with the same pouring style.

  6. At 1 minute 30 seconds pour a final 55g of water with the same pouring style.

  7. After the final pour pick up your V60 and give it a swirl then a tap on the brewing vessel. This will cause the coffee bed to be flat and encourage a more even extraction.

  8. Allow all the remaining water to drain through then remove the V60 from the brewing vessel and enjoy. THe total brew time should be around 2:20.

  9. If the coffee tastes sour it is under extracted, try grinding finer to increase contact time and extract more. If the coffee tastes too bitter/dry it is over extracted, try grinding coarser to decrease contact time and extract less.

Bonus Tips

  • Where possible use the plastic V60 as opposed to the ceramic, glass, or metal version. The plastic one has the best thermal retention. Pre-heat the brewer more when using the alternatives. 


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