Colombia - Diego Bermudez (Thermal Shock Geisha) - 140g

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To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we have an extremely limited run of a beautiful Geisha lot from pioneering coffee producer Diego Bermudez in Colombia.


The coffee cherries from this lot went through a meticulous multi stage processing that has resulted in a really stunning Geisha that is like sipping an sweet peach iced tea.


We paid $16.45 per lb.* for this coffee which is 1075% more than the Fair Trade price and 1376.9% more than the average C Price for 2020.

*This was the price paid to producers before any shipping, haulage, storage and export/import fees.


Diego Bermudez is one of the most pioneering and experimental coffee producers in the world. His meticulous cherry selection and processing methods of this Geisha microlot have led to a beautiful and delicate final cup.


The Processing


First the cherries are washed with sterilised water and fermented aerobically for 60 hours. The coffee is then de-pulped before being fermented a second time for 36 hours anaerobically.


To transfix the flavour development that occurred during fermentation the coffee is then thermal shock washed at 35C and then 12C. Finally it goes through a controlled drying process until it reaches a grain humidity of 10% - 11%.


This coffee is a delight to sip. It’s like a cup of sweet peach iced tea with beautiful floral notes on top.


Technical Data


Region: El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1700 - 1950 m.a.s.l.

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Double Fermented & Thermal Shock Washed

Cup Score: 88


All origin pictures taken by Falcon Coffee.

Colombia - Diego Bermudez (Thermal Shock Geisha) - 140g