Brazil - Mió Microlot 1939 - 250g

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We are extremely excited to announce our first ever Direct Trade coffee. A unique Brazilian natural microlot from this seasons harvest at Mió coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas.


Don't expect a classic Brazilian flavour profile with this one... It's got some really bright green apple acidity, juicy passionfruit and a beautiful, clean Assam tea mouthfeel.


We paid $3.15 per lb.* for this coffee which is 125% more than the Fair Trade price and 182.8% more than the average C Price for 2020.

*This was the price paid to producers before any shipping, haulage, storage and export/import fees.


We believe direct trade is the best way to trade coffee but due to our small capacity we thought this would be unachievable for us for many more years. So we are elated to be selling this coffee less than a year from us launching. 


Sometimes you just find a company that you want to do business with before you even try their product and finding Mió on Instagram was one of those occasions. (luckily their coffee was fantastic too, this is one of the best and most unique Brazilian coffees we've ever tasted) It was an absolute pleasure to converse with them and taste their absolutely gorgeous microlot 1939.


Last year Mió decided that on top of producing their own fantastic coffee that they would export, ship, import and sell their coffee directly to roasters themselves too. This cuts out any middlemen and means that we can buy coffee directly from them and their farm. This also means they see a larger amount of the money for their crop as there as less people in the supply chain to take a chunk of the profits. 


Hence the term direct trade.


We bought some of their microlot 1939 and are super excited to be launching and sharing it with you all.


We hope this is the start of an ongoing and ever growing relationship between Abstract and Mió for years to come. Thank you Ana and everyone at Mió for making this happen. Also a big thank you to Alex at Mió who designed


The Processing


A third of the land at Mió is used for processing and milling facilities, pasture areas and the plantation of eucalyptus trees. The rest of the land is equally divided between the coffee trees and native forest.


This microlot is a mixture of Bourbon and Mundo Novo cherries that have gone through natural processing


This microlot is not your typical Brazilian coffee. You’ve got green apple acidity, juicy passionfruit and a clean Assam tea mouthfeel.


Technical Data


Region: Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil

Altitude: 1100 m.a.s.l.

Producer: Carlos & Renata Pellicer (and the fantastic Mió workers)

Varietals: Bourbon & Mundo Novo

Process: Natural

Cup Score: 87


All origin pictures taken by Mió Coffee.

Brazil - Mió Microlot 1939 - 250g