What Is a Cup Score?

On our labels you might have noticed that we provide a cup score for each coffee we sell. A cup score is the quality score the coffee has received out of 100.

We only buy coffee that has received a cup score of at least 87, meaning we only work with some of the finest coffees in the world. We chose to set the benchmark high because we believe a coffee truly begins to shine after this level of quality. It allows us to roast very lightly as the coffee is free of any defects that would be magnified under such a light roast.

To qualify as speciality a coffee has to receive a score of at least 80, a majority of speciality grade coffee will fall in the 80-87 mark, however by going beyond that 87 score we can showcase exceptional coffees that exhibit beautiful clarity of flavour and complexity.

We put the cup score on the packaging of each of our coffees because in our effort of transparency we want it to be as easy as possible for you to see the quality of each one.

How Is The Score Calculated?

The score is calculated by grading the coffee on its specific attributes such as sweetness, acidity, balance, mouthfeel and flavour. To reach a score of at least 87 means a coffee has to score highly in all attributes, meaning you can be sure of a beautifully rounded cup with clearer flavours.

If you have any questions about cup score, don’t hesitate to get in touch.