The Ultimate Cold Brew & Tonic Recipe

Here at the Abstract roastery we are hooked on cold brew tonics in the hot summer months. They are tasty, refreshing and so easy to make. Just brew up a big batch of cold brew concentrate and you are set for a couple of weeks.

What Coffee Should I use?

We really love to use our Ethiopia, Segera Lot 3 coffee for cold brew tonics. The bright lemon acidity pairs well with the lime and tonic to make a really refreshing summer brew.

Get adventurous though, you could make this with a big fruity natural coffee for some equally tasty results. We’ve tasted some fabulous cold brew made with Kenyan coffees that just ooze blackcurrant flavours.

You will need:

For the cold brew concentrate:

A Large Glass Jar or French Press

A Coffee Grinder

100g Coffee

400g Water

A Spoon

Filter Papers

For the cold brew & tonic:

50ml Cold Brew Concentrate

150ml Tonic


Slice of Lime


  1. To start with you need to make a batch of cold brew concentrate. A good ratio is 4 parts water to 1 part coffee. For this recipe we will use 400g of water to 100g of coffee.

  2. Grind 100g of coffee on a coarse setting an put it in a large glass jar or french press with 400g of cold water. Stir the contents and leave to brew in the fridge for 18-20 hours.

  3. Pour the cold brew through a filter paper to get rid of any sediment.

  4. You now have a batch of cold brew concentrate that will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

  5. Take a glass and fill it with ice then add 150ml of Tonic.

  6. Chop a slice of lime and lightly squeeze it into the tonic before dropping it in the glass.

  7. Finally add 50ml of cold brew concentrate to the glass.