Our philosophy is simple.
Transparency in every part of the coffee supply chain from farm to cup.

An honest, transparent approach to sourcing coffee is at the very heart of our business. Currently the small volume of coffee we roast does not allow us to buy most of our coffee direct from origin. Instead we buy through trusted importers who have transparent supply chains right back to the farm, so that we know the people growing the coffee get paid fairly. Too many farmers are not paid enough to even cover costs of production and that is why we will ALWAYS pay more than the C Price or the Fair Trade price for coffee. This creates a more economically sustainable supply chain away from the unpredictability of the commodity market and ensures the farmers growing the coffee can enjoy a profitable business. 

To see a list of all the coffee we have bought and the price we paid take a look at our Transparency Report 

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Our approach to roasting is the same as our approach to sourcing.




We believe the roasters job is to bring out the natural flavours created by the terroir at origin. We do this by roasting as light as possible but just enough to develop and showcase the unique characteristics of the coffee. The end result should be a clean, transparent roast that is a window to origin and doesn’t impart any additional flavours from the roast. 

We can afford to roast so light by only using the highest quality green coffee available to us. Using such high quality coffee means it is free of any defects that would ordinarily be magnified under such a light roast. We only roast coffee that receives a cupping score of at least 87.