This brew guide will help you get consistent results with your Moccamaster. Most of these tips can be applied to any filter coffee machine. The Moccamaster is a great way to brew larger batches of consistently high quality filter coffee.

Brew Ratio - 70g of coffee per 1 Litre of water

You Will Need

  • Moccamaster (or other similar filter machine)

  • Filter paper

  • Grinder

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Spoon

  • 1 Litre of filtered water

  • 70g of whole bean coffee


  1. Weigh out 70g of whole beans and grind them on a medium/coarse filter setting.

  2. Rinse the paper filter and then pour the ground coffee in. Tap the sides gently to create an even, flat bed of grounds.

  3. Add 1 litre of filtered water to the reservoir and turn the machine on.

  4. When the water boils it will start dispense over the coffee bed, start a timer when the water first hits the coffee.

  5. After 25 seconds turn the Moccamaster off, take a spoon and stir the coffee bed for 10 - 15 seconds. Make sure all grounds are wet.

  6. At 45 seconds turn the Moccamaster back on and allow the rest of the brew water to dispense.

  7. When the brewer has dispensed all the water, wait until the brewing cone is around 3/4 full then pick up the cone and give it a swirl in it's holder. This will cause the coffee bed to be flat and encourage a more even extraction.

  8. Allow all the remaining water to drain through. If the coffee tastes sour it is under extracted, try grinding finer to increase contact time and extract more. If the coffee tastes too bitter/dry it is over extracted, try grinding coarser to decrease contact time and extract less.

  9. Before serving swirl the coffee in the carafe to give it a good mix. Pour and enjoy.

Bonus Tips

  • It is best to opt for a Moccamaster (or other filter machine) with a thermal carafe rather than a hot plate. The thermal carafe retains the heat and flavours much better than a hot plate which stews the brew and causes the natural sweetness of the coffee to be lost in a sour/bitter taste. 

  • Fill your machine with cool filtered water. The cool water takes the machine longer to heat up and increases the brew time, thus boosting extraction.