This brew guide will help you get consistent results with your French Press. For this guide we will be using 500ml of water to 30g of coffee. 

Brew Ratio - 30g of coffee per 500g of water

You Will Need

  • French Press

  • Kettle

  • Grinder

  • Scale

  • Spoon

  • Timer

  • 500g of filtered water (94 degrees)

  • 30g of whole bean coffee


  1. Weigh out 30g of whole beans and grind them on a coarse setting. 

  2. Boil the kettle and pour some of the water into the French Press to pre-heat the brewer.

  3. Discard the water in the French Press then place it on top of the scale, add the ground coffee, tare the scale and start the timer as you pour the full 500g of water onto the grounds.

  4. Take a spoon and stir the grounds 3 times.

  5. After 4 minutes plunge the filter slowly to the bottom without disturbing the coffee bed too much.

  6. Pour and enjoy.

  7. If the coffee tastes sour it is under extracted, try grinding finer to extract more. If the coffee tastes too bitter/dry it is over extracted, try grinding coarser to extract less.


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